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Press Release

Reema Saad (Director)
Aiden Dinnie (Producer)
Ms. J. Barker and Mrs. Gerel Santiago (Advisors)
(310) 798-8616 
Facebook: ProjectNowShowcase

“What if you had one minute? One hour? One day?One entire school quarter to change the world for the better?”

Parras Middle School eighth-graders accepted their language arts teachers’ challenge and dedicated educational months researching, writing letters, interviewing experts, crafting speeches, news articles and creating multimedia public service campaigns representing a wide range of topics, from gun control to the impact of divorce on children.

Framed to the streaming soundtrack of school shootings, police manhunts, international and national terrorism and the impact of erosive school budgets, the class of 2012-13 discovered that if the world was going to get better, they—NOT ADULTS—had to take action—NOW—be positive conduits of change.

Like scientists huddled in a language arts laboratory, Parras Middle School eighth-graders birthed Project Now! a showcase of compassion designed to inspire even the harshest cynics.

On Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 6 p.m. at Parras Middle School—200 N. Lucia Ave., Redondo Beach CA—students will sing, dance, theatrically perform speeches, monologues, poetry, and premiere original documentaries during a passionate teen-inspired celebration of hope.

Positive change is possible. It starts with ProjectNow!

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